Divinity: Original Sin is Larian Studios’ fastest selling game


Divinity: Original Sin, the Kickstarted follow-up to the Divinity franchise, has been Larian Studios’ fastest selling game of all time. With wonderfully detailed combat mechanics, and an old school RPG feel, Original Sin has found a clear audience that may qualify as a bit more than niche, selling 160,000 copies since its launch on June 30th.

The title had been in Early Access on Steam for some time, but is now a fully-fledged release, and according to math done by Eurogamer, has already broken even in terms of development cost.

Larian Studios founder Swen Vincke had the following to say regarding Original Sin’s surprising sales figures, which are currently topping the Steam sales charts.

“It’s doing pretty well. We’re very happy about it. And to be honest we didn’t expect it. We thought it was going to do well but not this well. It’s word of mouth that is driving Original Sin right now,” Vincke said. “We were late with our game, working on it until the last day, so we don’t even have reviews out there. We have exactly two ads we did with the last of our money. It was definitely not marketing doing it.”


Given that Vinckle and the development team at Larian really seem to care about Original Sin, it’s great to see the title doing so well on Steam, and hopefully those sales figures will continue to rise as continued interest builds in the title.

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