Civilization 6 Announced

Civilization 6 Announced For October 2016

2K and Firaxis Games have officially announced that Civilization VI is in development.

The announcement, which comes on the 25th anniversary of Sid Meier’s venerable strategy franchise, is rather thin on detail. But it does come with one rather crucial bit of information – the release date. Civilization VI will be released for PC on October 21st this year.

Other than that, neither the publisher or developer are giving much away at this point. But given the popularity of the series, it would seem risky if they change too much. Hell, even changing from square map tiles to hexes divided the community when Civ V was announced.

A few things are known for certain however, courtesy of the game’s preorder page that has just popped up on Steam. Cities will occupy multiple tiles this time, and Firaxis makes mention of something it’s calling “Dynamic Diplomacy”, which will see diplomatic options evolve over time – beginning with a few primitive options, only to later expand into detailed trade negotiations and treaties. Units of different types will be able to stack on the same tile, and similar unit types will be able to combine into new “Corps” units.

2K released an announcement trailer to go along with the news, which shows iconic figures and moments in history as a voiceover gives an inspirational speech about the human spirit. You can watch the video below. No doubt there will be more details incoming soon – October 21st isn’t too far away, after all.


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