Hitman Visits Marrakesh Next Week

Looking rather dapper there, Agent 47.

Episode 3 of Hitman will be released next week, May 31st, publisher Square Enix has announced.

iO Interactive’s reboot of the long-running assassin simulator is being released episodically, a state of affairs which has led to some grumbling among the community. The first episode, released back in March, included three training missions and a level set in a Paris fashion show. The second Episode was released in April and featured a single mission set in Sapienza, Italy. Episode Three again features one mission and takes place in Marrakesh. Further episodes are due to be released monthly up to September.

Episode 3’s version of Marakesh promises to be yet another sprawling environment, with multiple opportunities for Agent 47 to dispatch his targets in creative ways. In keeping with both the Paris and Sapienza locations, you’ll once again be tasked with eliminating two targets. As with the two previous episodes, replayability comes from the multiple methods of eliminating your targets, player-made Contracts, and Elusive Targets – extra-tough missions which only exist for 48 hours.

“Following up on the big fashion show event in Paris and the expansive nature of Sapienza, we knew that Marrakesh had to be something extraordinary,” Io Interactive wrote on the game’s official blog. “So the team set out to build a location that was both teeming with life and things to do. Marrakesh has been built with a maze of alleys, a range of souks that line the medina walls and a fully-fledged shisha café. Moving upwards, players can enjoy the shade on the rooftop terraces of Marrakesh.”

In order to play the Marrakesh mission, you’ll have needed to have completed previous episodes. If you purchase the complete package on Xbox Live, Steam or PSN, new Episodes are available for download as soon as they become available. If you don’t fancy that, individual episodes can be purchased separately.

You can view the first screens for Episode 3 below.

iO Interactive promises that the new location is "teeming with life".

The Swedish Embassy will be the focal point of the mission.


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