Hearthstone’s “Sorry” Emote Has Been Removed

Y-Y-You gotta be kidding me!!

Blizzard has removed the “sorry” emote from Hearthstone.

The change was made today as part of patch 5.0, which has been released in preparation for tomorrow’s launch of Whispers of the Old Gods, which goes live tomorrow.

Blizzard hasn’t publicly commented on the reasons behind the removal, but the safe bet is that the change was made due to frequent complaints from players. While intended to be used as a sincere apology, large numbers of players instead used the emote sarcastically (let’s be honest, it was more fun that way).

The emote was also used by some to influence an opponent’s behavior. Upon drawing a card, using the emote could trick an opponent into believing you’ve gained the upper hand in a match – thus luring them into a pre-emptive strike against an attack which isn’t about to happen.

Blizzard has replaced the “sorry” emote with a new one: now, your character can exclaim “wow!”. Who wants to bet how long it takes players to use that one sarcastically?


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