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Bayontta 2

When the original Bayonetta wasn’t the commercial success Sega hoped it would be, the action masters at Platinum Games teamed up with Nintendo to create a sequel (their first) exclusively for the Wii U. Cue the cries of one thousand fanboys, half of whom probably never bought the original game in the first place. They’re part of the problem.

And technically, so am I. I never bought the original Bayonetta. I knew about it, read about it, and even watched a couple videos about it, but I never actually got around to purchasing it. So now I have to atone for my sins and get the sequel.

Conveniently, the sequel is something that everyone in their right mind will want to own. Despite having skipped the first game, I went into my demo with expectations. In particular, I was expecting the game to be Completely Fucking Crazy. And the demo, short as it was, Completely Fucking Delivered.

I didn’t watch the cutscenes. I saw a button and my QTE senses tingled and I pressed it. Turns out, that was a “Skip” button. Oh well. In all likelihood whatever it was wouldn’t have really made a whole lot of sense. What could it have possibly showed me that would have really logically explained why Bayonetta is fighting on top of trains and other rapidly moving things? Nothing, so why bother?

But it’s badass.

Badass is probably the best way to describe Bayonetta 2. Every press of a button caused some sort of badass response. I honestly couldn’t tell you which buttons did what, but I can tell you that they all did cool things, and it all felt good and tight. Shooting, slashing, and dodging all worked splendidly, and eventually pressing things leads to a chance to press more things that kick up the crazy even higher. Seeing Bayonetta magically summon spiked wheels of death and kicking centaur-things into them is awesome the first time – and you know what? It keeps being awesome. I saw it about four times in fifteen minutes, and while I’d like to have seen another kill of the sort, I expect those come in due time. As a starting point, it’s pretty awesome. And once you’ve done that a few times to the grunts, bigger enemies come that you hit with some more great-looking combos until Bayonetta does something even bigger and gorier. And that leads to even larger enemies and etc. etc.

Those larger enemies get pretty freaking enormous. The demo featured a battle against a gigantic dragon-thing, which sets the bar exceedingly high. So if I have one concern going into this sequel, it’s “Seriously, where can the game go from here?”

Platinum Games has earned a reputation with fans of the action genre, and they absolutely deserve it. Their games are both unique and polished, featuring some of the most interesting battle systems in the industry. Bayonetta 2 seems like it will only cement that reputation further. It looks great, feels great, and is completely and totally badass.

Anyone who wants to complain about its exclusivity should shut up and thank Nintendo for making the game a reality. And instead of clinging to their dumb outdated consoles, those people would be better served by purchasing a Wii U (they’re pretty great, and only $200 refurbished) and a copy of Bayonetta 2 on release.

Doing so will show Sega that they made a mistake by passing on a sequel; show Platinum Games that they have a real fanbase that wants awesome action games (something they may have questioned in the wake of The Wonderful 101’s complete commercial failure), and show Nintendo that people are actually willing to put their money where their mouth is and buy M-rated games on their platforms.

There’s a lot riding on Bayonetta 2’s success. The quality is there, so now it’s on all of us to make it happen.

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