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Game Of Thrones: The Lost Lords Review

Game of Thrones: The Lost Lords, Episode 2 Review

When I last wrote about Telltale’s newest episodic series, Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice, I set the stage for future episodes and my overall impression of the impact that Episode 1 had in the wildly popular universe of GRRM’s A Song of Fire and Ice and the hit HBO show Game of Thrones. To briefly recap, Iron from Ice follows


Bonus Round: Savant-Ascent Review

It’s tough love in an elevator, as Simon Fong caps off the week with another 5-minute review of an indie game that might be lurking in your library.

Sneaky Sneaky Review

Sneaky Sneaky Review

Uneven pacing and some baffling design choices mean that Naiad Entertainment’s latest is unlikely to make a lot of noise.