Deponia Now Available for iPad

Get ready to experience Deponia all over again

Daedalic Entertainment has just released point-and-click adventure game Deponia for the iPad on the App Store for £ 7.99/$9.99 USD.

Deponia is a story about Rufus, a tinkerer (and kind of huge jerk) who lives on the trash planet of Deponia. He longs for leaving the junk behind and start a new life in the floating city of Elysium. However, when he stumbles upon a woman by the name of Goal, he decides to seize the day and bring her back to her home.

Deponia originally came out for PC back in 2012. Declan Skews wrote reviewed the PC version for Continue Play, giving it a 7/10 and praising it for its unique story and characters while criticizing some of the puzzle-solving elements.

“Deponia is a game that takes inspiration from a wide range of sources, from Broken Sword to Escape From Monkey Island, yet manages to stand apart by making bold decisions,” Declan wrote in his Deponia review. “This boldness doesn’t always bear fruit, but the results are never boring and may even hold a few pleasant surprises for the player.”

Deponia is the first in a trilogy of games; there’s no news yet on whether its sequels will make the same jump to mobile platforms, but we wouldn’t bet against it.

You can check out the iPad release trailer for Deponia below.

Hugh Thornhill

Hugh Thornhill

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