Hearthstone’s New Expansion Is The Grand Tournament

Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament Promo Art

Hearthstone’s next expansion is The Grand Tournament, Blizzard has announced – and it’s coming sooner than you might think.

The Grand Tournament will see 132 new cards being added to the popular online card battling game sometime in August. Cards with the new “Inspire” keyword will activate a special ability whenever you use your Hero’s power. Blizzard says that the new keyword will mean that Hero Powers play an even greater strategic role, calling in new minions, or making others more powerful, for instance.

A number of cards have been designed to further bolster your Hero Power. Maiden of the Lake is a 2/6 minion who costs 4 mana to play, and reduces the cost of your Hero Power to 1. Meanwhile, Coldarra Drake costs 6 mana to play, 6 attack and defense, and enables you to use your Hero Power any number of times in a single turn.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Hearthstone expansion without a new board to play on, and The Grand Tournament is no exception. Crowds will cheers from the sidelines when you’re winning, and you can fire arrows at an archery stand.

The Grand Tournament transports brave Hearthstone duelists to the frigid continent of Northrend, where the heroes of the Argent Crusade once held a tournament to coax out Azeroth’s greatest fighters—and prepare them to battle the undead legions at the icy heart of the realm,” reads a press release issued to announce the expansion.

“The Lich King’s evil has been vanquished, but that doesn’t mean the jousting has to stop . . . the competitive atmosphere’s just a lot more playful (and a bit warmer) than it used to be.”

Blizzard has also announced a new pre-purchase offer. For $49.99 / £39.99 you can pre-order 50 Grand Tournament card packs and net yourself an exclusive card back in the process. Once the expansion is launched, you’ll also be able to also earn Grand Tournament packs via Arena Mode, or by spending 100 in-game gold coins in the normal manner.

Have a gander at the official announcement trailer below.


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