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About Us

Continue Play is an independently-owned, unbiased and platform-agnostic site that covers everything from the smallest mobile game to the latest major “AAA” releases.

Uncompromising, unbiased and unswayed, we not only tell it like it is but also tell it like we believe readers deserve – led by content, not clickbait and discussion, not diatribe.

We believe that the most important thing for our readers is the games themselves, not their origins or which platforms they appear on.

And we don’t give a f*ck about pixel counts.

Our Scoring Policy

We score out of 10. On a scale of 10, some numbers tend to be more important than others – a score of 5 reflects a game that is average. A score of 7 will be awarded to a game that is highly enjoyable for fans of the genre, but isn’t without its own problems. A score of 10 does not, under any circumstances, indicate perfection. A game we score 10 may still have flaws, but we enjoy it so much that we consider it an essential purchase for serious gamers.

  • 0  – Avoid at all costs
  • 1   – Hideous.
  • 2   – Very poor.
  • 3   – Poor.
  • 4   – Below Average.
  • 5   – Average.
  • 6   – Above average.
  • 7   – Good.
  • 8   – Very good.
  • 9   – Excellent.
  • 10 – Essential.

Lastly: Reviews are subjective. They reflect the views and opinions of the author.We will never be swayed in our reporting by outside pressure, and we believe that our writers and readers shouldn’t have to endure abuse.

Any commenters deemed to be giving writers or other commenters any degree of abuse on grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disablity or just general nastiness can expect to find themselves banned from the site. Disagreeing with opinions is fine; using them as a stick to beat others with isn’t cool. Games should be fun, not a source of abuse.