Mr. Handy Brings Fallout Shelter to Android

Fallout Shelter Android release promo art

Following rampant success in the iOS App Store, Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter has finally found it’s way to the second of three major phone operating systems: Android.

Originally released on iOS back in June, Fallout Shelter is a game that took the gaming community by storm. But Android and Windows Phone users were left out in the wastes, having to make their own way with no Vault to call their own. Today, Android users finally get to dig deep into the Earth with their own Vault-Tec living space, and assume the role of overseer.

The Android release coincides with the new Mr. Handy update, which enables existing overseers to acquire a Mr. Handy robot, who can help out around the Vault and also venture to the wasteland to acquire supplies. Mr. Handy is available as a premium unit, and can be found on both the iOS and newly released Android versions.

Interested Android users can find the game, free with in-game transactions, on the Google Play Store.

Chris Corbett reviewed Fallout Shelter for Continue Play, awarding Bethesda’s mobile debut 8/10 for its great sense of humor and addictive refinement of Tiny Tower-style gameplay.

“If you own an iThing (or soon an Android wotsit) then definitely give Fallout Shelter a try,” Chris wrote in his Fallout Shelter review. “What it lacks in depth it more than makes up for with sheer personality.”

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