Twitch Plays Dark Souls Conquers Ornstein and Smough

Twitch Plays Dark Souls has conquered one of the game's hardest boss encounters - Ornstein and Smough

Inputting chat-based commands through an internet-lagged stream seems like the least likely option for success on a game as punishingly difficult Dark Souls. However, one month ago, TwitchPlaysDark had started the endeavor of slogging through one of the most infamously difficult games in popular culture, and just recently, has passed the milestone of defeating the boss room containing Ornstein and Smough, the boss that many would argue is the hardest boss in the game.

Twitch Plays Dark Souls began as a mess, a confusing and stumbling mess of entropy, chaos, and uncertainty. However, in order to combat the inherent flaws of the stream-delayed system, the creator has introduced a system that pauses the game while players collectively pick an action, and time unfreezes and continues.

YouTube user whydoyoubark has uploaded the video of the fight with pauses edited out, and shows the heroic battle more-or-less in real time.

As stream-based playing goes, it’s very interesting to see the internet not only square off against a game as relentlessly difficult as Dark Souls, but also to be successful about it. Hopefully the momentum doesn’t stop, and Twitch Plays Dark Souls can keep up enthusiasm leading up to the upcoming Dark Souls 3.

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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