Fallout Shelter Is Making Vault Loads of Money

Fallout Shelter Is Making Vault Loads of Money

Candy Crush Saga, an enormously (and bafflingly) popular game on iOS, has taken a hit thanks to Bethesda’s newly released Fallout Shelter, which is currently the fourth highest-grossing game in the United States (over Candy Crush‘s sixth), and second in the United Kingdom (over Candy Crush‘s third).

Given that Candy Crush Saga‘s reported income in the first quarter was nearly $230 million, and assuming Fallout Shelter follows that trend, it’s in the running to earn Bethesda their own Scrooge McDuck vault of golden coins – or caps as the case may be.

Bethesda has also taken to twitter to confirm that the game will be ported over to Android devices, promised to be coming within the next few months:

It’s safe to call the E3-launched mobile game a runaway success. Android fans hoping to get in on the action will have good news in the coming months, and existing iOS players can rest easy knowing that for every one of them that haven’t put down the game for more than a few minutes since launch, you aren’t alone in your quiet underground vaults. There are millions of you out there, underground, contemplating just one more lunchbox.

In Shelter, players are tasked with managing and building their very own Vault, producing basic resources and keeping their population of dwellers happy. As well as producing food, water and power, you can also prompt your dwellers to produce offspring, or send them out into the wasteland to explore and (hopefully) find rare loot. Shelter is filled with the Fallout series’ trademark sense of humor and presentation, complete with 50’s-style music and artwork, and amusing dialogue.

Of course, being an Android owner, I haven’t actually been able to play it yet. /cries

Chris Corbett is currently hard at work on his review of Fallout Shelter, which you can expect before the end of the week.

In fact, there’s something of a mini-craze for Bethesda’s management sim here at Continue Play. Dale’s first words after starting work this morning were “I just got a load of rare Vault dwellers, an amplified laser pistol and some cool power armor! Go me!”; while Jason happily proclaimed that he received an “A” rank on his Vault after checking in on his Vault this morning.

Lucky b*stards.

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