Konami Opens Survey to Ask Fans What Series to Work on

Zone of the Enders is among the many games Konami has opened a survey about

After the release of Metal Gear Solid V on September 1st, Konami doesn’t really have a lot coming down the pipeline. To that end, the publisher has opened a survey to fans to ask which series should be the next to see a new title in.

What’s interesting is that series such as Bomberman, Suikoden, and Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon have made the list. Suikoden and Goemon have been drifting in limbo for years – the last Suikoden game to be developed was Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki on PSP in 2012, and that never left Japan; the last Goemon game was an obscure mobile game released in 2007, and again only saw a release in Japan.

Also on the list is Castlevania, arcade classic Sunset Riders, Contra, and another of Kojima’s brainchildren: Zone of the Enders.

The survey asks fans not just what games they would want to see in selection format, but also several questions about general releases, preferred formats, and what made these games interesting for fans. It’s a rather robust survey for gauging the waters, although that comes with the implication that Konami is still working out where it’s going since the company announced earlier this year that it was shifting its focus to the mobile space.

Open-ended surveys like these do give fans the opportunity to spread excitement for their favorite games though, and can sometimes lead to the unlikeliest of resurrections. So, Konami’s future could be interesting – depending on what they get out of this survey, and what it decides to do with the feedback.

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Taylor Hidalgo

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