Borderlands 3 Will Be Gearbox’s Next Game

Gearbox studio head Randy Pitchford has confirmed that Borderlands 3 will begin development once work on Battleborn and its DLC has been completed.

Borderlands 3 is to be Gearbox’s next game, to be developed once work on Battleborn has been completed.

Gearbox co-founder Randy Pitchford confirmed the news at PAX East this week. “There’s no secret – obviously there’s going to be another Borderlands,” he said.

Pitchford continued by saying that the studio hasn’t yet decided what the game will be called – it may not end up being known as Borderlands 3. “We don’t even know if we’re going to call it that. We could call it Borderlands 4 for all we know,” Pitchford said.

Pitchford’s comment is a reference to the fact the next game in the series will actually be the fourth title to be developed in the main series – the now-defunct 2K Australia developed Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, which was set between the first and second games. And let’s not forget Tales from the Borderlands, Gearbox’s collaboration with The Walking Dead developer Telltale.

Gearbox is currently putting the final touches to its latest game, Battleborn, an online first-person-shooter that takes many elements from MOBA games. 25 playable heroes will be included with Battleborn at launch, with more due to be added as post-launch DLC.

And one of those heroes may end up being taken directly from the Borderlands universe. Chief Creative Champion Mikey Neumann, who provides the voice of Scooter in the series, is fighting to have Scooter’s son – who isn’t currently part of the series’ canon – included as a hero in Battleborn. “I did this whole Scooter thing, then I pitch-shifted it up like seven semitones so it sounds like a chipmunk and it was the funniest thing I’d ever heard,” he said.

Gearbox also stated that Battleborn will contain many easter eggs referencing Borderlands, and is also considering whether to add Borderlands 3 easter eggs with Battleborn’s DLC. “There’s already a lot of Borderlands easter eggs in Battleborn, but they’re all from previous Borderlands games. So what if we put easter eggs for future stuff in the DLC?”, Pitchford mused.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard about Borderlands 3. Back in January 2015, the developer went on a recruitment drive looking for developers to work on a new game in the series; and the following month, franchise publisher 2K confirmed the sequel during an earnings call.

But for now, all eyes are squarely on Battleborn, which will hit shelves on May 3rd for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game has proved popular during its open beta, and Gearbox will no doubt be hoping that that success will be reflected in high launch sales for the game.


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