Konami announces plans for new Metal Gear series

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Following the rumors and speculation yesterday, it more half-veiled information on the future of the Metal Gear series has surfaced today, as Konami has made an official announcement regarding the future of the series. In an official statement from the website, Konami says:

The latest title in the MEATL GEAR series, “METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN” (below, “MGSV: TPP“), will be released as planned starting on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 in North America, Latin America, and Europe, followed by Japan and Asian on Wednesday, September 2. Hideo Kojima will remain involved throughout.

In addition, Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. will continue to develop and distribute top-quality content in the METAL GEAR series following “MGSV: TPP.” We greatly anticipate and deeply appreciate your ongoing support for METAL GEAR.

As the next step in the series, KONAMI has already resolved to develop a new “METAL GEAR” title.

We will be conducting auditions for main staff to lead the development.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact us via the recruitment page of the KONAMI official website.

Hideo Kojima has also released a joint-statement with Konami, saying “I want to reassure fans that I am 100 per cent involved and will continue working on Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. I am determined to make it the greatest game I’ve directed to date. Don’t miss it!”

Opinion: Between Konami saying “We will be conducting auditions for main staff to lead development” and Kojima’s mysterious, half-veiled absence of bringing up his future with Konami, it would seem that the likelihood of the future of Metal Gear will come from the visionary and eclectic Kojima is impossibly low. What this means for the future of Kojima Productions is uncertain, but it looks like Konami is looking to move on. However, with that in mind, looking down the barrel of a non-Kojima Metal Gear in the future is just strange. Either way, wishing for the best for any future for Hideo Kojima and the team at Kojima Productions.

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