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Mike Bithell's follow up to the minimalist Thomas Was Alone is a far more ambitious affair - but sometimes that ambition comes back to haunt it.

Volume Review

Mike Bithell’s follow up to the acclaimed Thomas Was Alone is a great stealth-em-up, but sometimes tries too hard to be more than it is.


Rare Replay Review

More than just a game compilation, Rare Replay is an essential document on one of video games’ greatest developers.

Magic Duels: Origins

Magic Duels: Origins Review

The latest digital version of Magic: The Gathering feels like a step back, thanks to cheating AI and a raft of technical problems.

Lego Jurassic World Review featured screenshot

Lego Jurassic World Review

Traveller’s Tales’ latest game is solid, but with regressive gameplay it ends up feeling as much of a relic as the dinosaurs it’s so obsessed with.