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Final Fantasy Type 0: HD Review

Final Fantasy: Type 0 HD Review

Poor presentation and some of the worst voice acting heard in a game in years do their best to mar the experience; but Square Enix’s long-awaited port manages to be one of the better Final Fantasy games in some time.

Cities: Skylines Review

Cities: Skylines Review

Colossal Order manages to breathe new life into a stagnant genre, building a thriving metropolis on solid foundations

Bonus Round: Little Inferno Review

Bonus Round: Little Inferno Review

Not so much a blazing success, but neither does it deserve a roasting: Tomorrow Corporation’s puzzler is best played on mobile devices rather than PC

Total War: Atilla Review

Total War: Attila Review

Creative Assembly’s latest strategy game is a marked return to form after the problems encountered in Rome 2, and suitably apocalyptic – even if lengthy turn times and haphazard AI still rear their head from time to time