Skylanders Battlecast Collectable Card Game Announced

As if parents aren't already being punished enough by their kids, Activision is spinning off Skylanders into a collectible card game. Joy Joy!

By now we all know about the hugely successful Hearthstone and the countless announcements of new free-to-play card games that have followed, all hoping to replicate its success.

Well, now there’s another one coming from Activision and it’s called Skylanders Battlecast. Because clearly Activision doesn’t think it’s making enough money from hordes of children pestering their parents to buy new Skylanders figures as it is.

Despite being the millionth card game to be announced recently, Activision does at least appear want to do something a bit different with Battlecast. The app will be coming to Android and IOS, but instead of just having the digital cards in the game you will buy real cards and scan them into the game using your tablet or phone.

The idea is that you’ll be able to watch characters fight to the death, Augmented Reality-style. However there’s currently no release date, or any info about how much the card packs will cost.

If you’re wondering how Activision hopes this will look check out the announcement trailer below.

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