Minecraft developer’s latest game Scrolls has a limit on real-money purchases

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Scrolls will have a limit set on the amount of real money you can spend in the in-game store, Mojang has said.

The developer’s follow-up to Minecraft is officially released next week – December 11th, to be precise. While the game isn’t free-to-play – it will cost $4.99 – it does allow players to purchase additional units using real currency, something which has led to concerns that it will become a so-called “pay to win” game, with the balance of power falling to those spending the most money.

Not so, according to Mojang. “We restrict how much you can spend to retain game balance. This sounds unlikely, but you really don’t have to spend more than the cost of Scrolls ($4.99) to progress,” the developer explained in statement. “All items are available for a reasonable amount of gold.”

Scrolls is a mashup of traditional board game and CCG (collectible card game) mechanics, quite a departure for the developer which is mostly known for its insanely popular open-world sandbox construction game. In Scrolls, players cast spells and summon units from the selection of cards in their hand, which then appear or take effect on a hexagonal battlefield (you can see the game in action in the video below). It’s been in development for several years now – passing through Alpha and Beta stages – but the game is now ready for an official release. The PC version comes first, with Android and iPad versions due later at an unspecified date.

Will it be worth the wait, and can it possibly challenge the dominance of Blizzard’s Hearthstone, which receives a major expansion this coming Monday? We’ll find out soon.

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