Play Final Fantasy 8’s Triple Triad With Free App

Now you can play Triple Triad on the go, thanks to the new Final Fantasy Portal app on Android and iOS, Kupo!

Square Enix has released a free to play mobile version of the Triple Triad card game from 1998’s classic PS One JRPG, Final Fantasy VIII.

In order to play, you’ll need to download the new Final Fantasy Portal app from the App Store and Google Play. The Portal app links to the latest news and information about the Final Fantasy series, including MMO Final Fantasy XIV and the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. It was launched yesterday to coincide with the mobile release of Final Fantasy VII.

But aside from news, the app also allows you to play Triple Triad, as well as download the very first Final Fantasy for free.

Now you can play Triple Triad on the go, thanks to the new Final Fantasy Portal app on Android and iOS.The mobile version of Triple Triad comes with in app purchases, and as you might expect there are a few limitations typical to free mobile game releases. There’s a timer for starters: each time you play, you expend a crystal. Once you’ve used up all your crystals, you’ll need to wait for them to refill before you can play again. You can also buy Gil, an in game currency, to purchase new cards.

In Triple Triad, you compete against your opponent by laying down cards on a 3×3 grid. Each card you play as numbered values on each side; play a card against an opponents card, and the card with the highest value on the side where they touch wins, flipping the card over and placing it under your ownership. You can also set up chain reactions. It’s pretty simple, but incredibly addictive – and there’s plenty of cards to collect, with many iconic Final Fantasy monsters and summons represented.

Triple Triad has long been among the most loved minigames in the Final Fantasy universe – there’s even a version of it in Final Fantasy XIV, which recently received its first major expansion, Heavensward. Heavensward begins a new chapter in Final Fantasy XIV‘s story, centering around the nation of Ishgard. 9 new zones, three new jobs, a level cap increase and flying mounts were all added. It’s a very meaty expansion, and well worth checking out.

In the meantime, Final Fantasy Type 0 HD launched this week on Steam. The PC version of the remastered PSP RPG, which launched earlier this year on consoles, features enhanced graphics support for higher resolutions, and a new photo mode. It’s pretty good too – yours truly awarded it 8/10 thanks to its well-written story and intriguing mechanics, though the game’s roots on a previous generation handheld shine through.

“Despite the issues with the presentation, Final Fantasy Type 0 HD is thoroughly enjoyable – one of the better series instalments in a long time, in fact,” I wrote in my Final Fantasy Type 0 HD review. “Just make sure to adjust your expectations of the series prior to starting your playthrough, and certainly don’t expect the series’ typically high production values.”

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