Divinity: Original Sin Trailer Details Combat Mechanics


Divinity: Original Sin is a game developed by Larian Studios that came into fruition after a successful 1 million dollar crowd funding campaign. This is the most ambitious title by the studio by far and it hopes to bring something to the table of standard role playing games. It features the old nostalgia route of role playing games of yesteryear, chocked full of captivating dialogue, landscapes with some care and love put into every polygon, choice based consequences, a wide array of exploration, and much much more. In this game, how you tackle everything is completely up to you.

Divinity: Original Sin also features co-op play so you could share the experience with a friend with a mutual internet connection, and can make even more with an engine toolkit used by the designers themselves.

One of the defining features of Divinity: Original Sin is a classless system, which prepares your team for what you feel is most important to have in  a battle; with a pallet of item combinations to make for very open combat system.

Divinity: Original Sin features a more engrossing story than its predecessor, as well as improved character design and navigation.

Original Sin is out now for the cost of 39.99. You can check out the game’s trailer below.


Will Kindricks

Will Kindricks

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