Divinity Original Sin Coming To Consoles

Divinity Original Sin Coming To Consoles

Divinity Original Sin is coming to PS4 and Xbox One, and has also been overhauled for the occasion. A release date has not yet been announced.

Eurogamer managed to have an exclusive chat with Swen Vincke, head of the developer Larian, who detailed many of the changes.

With a team of around 40 working on the enhanced edition, a huge amount has been improved. The graphics, the story and the ending have all had significant changes.

If you already own the game on PC or Mac, then don’t fret, you’ll be getting a free copy of the overhauled version. This new copy will exist alongside the original Divinity Original Sin, so saves won’t be compatible.

There’s going to be a new interface and native game pad control for consoles. There’s also going to be local co-op – which enables you to walk off-screen from each other – as well as online co-op.

In terms of technical changes, visual effects have been redone and the camera now rotates 360 degrees. DirectX 11 has also been introduced, sadly this has upped the system requirements for the Enhanced Edition on the PC though.

The game’s story has been tightened up around the middle, with lots of new quests and locations that tie into it. The ending has also been given serious attention. All the game’s encounters have been redone, and the adventure is now entirely voiced.

When Eurogamer asked Vincke to comment on bringing Original Sin to consoles, he said “The very moment we released Original Sin [30th June 2014] we started getting calls for a console version,” Vincke said. “That was almost instant.”

“There’s an image in an old booklet we had that we presented in 2011 to publishers, as we were pitching to make Original Sin on console already. And that image consists of two people sitting together on a couch, holding a controller, playing it on a TV screen. So we’ve always wanted to put it in there.”

“We’re really nervous about the console version,” he admitted. “We hope there’s an audience for this! We don’t know. And we really went overboard in what we put in there.”

Besides Divinity Original Sin coming to consoles, Larian also has two other games in development that will be built in the same engine. Both of these new games also going to be turn-based.

There’s a good chance that one of these titles will be coming to Kickstarter too. “It’s been the subject of lots of debate,” Vincke said, “There’s a strong tendency to go to Kickstarter with at least one of them, and probably in the not so distant future, but we’re not so sure yet. If we do something it will probably be past the summer.” With Larian’s past success on the public-funding medium, it wouldn’t be surprising if they chose to bring more of their upcoming titles to Kickstarter.

Take a gander at the video of Larian detailing the Enhanced Edition of Divinity Original Sin below.


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