Divinity: Original Sin Adds Free DLC


Larian Studios’ Divinity: Original Sin has just received new (and free) DLC called The Bear and the Burglar, which adds two new NPC companions and effectively doubles the length of Original Sin‘s story mode. New bow-wielding buddy Bairdotr wants to test your detective skills to hunt for a missing druid, while your typical rogue-trope Wolgraff wants to pinch the purses of the local populace.

Unfortunately, these characters will only be available to those who start a new game, but that’s a small price to pay for entirely new storylines.

In addition, the new update features a ton of hotfixes and general improvements to the gameplay   too many to mention, in fact, but you can read the full list here. The fixes touch everything from saving problems to storyline bugs and even audio balancing. It’s refreshing to go through that list and just see the sheer amount of work that is clearly going into the game post release. It really feels like the team at Larian Studios is doing everything it can to give players a well-polished experience. And for free, no less.

Divinity: Original Sin is available on Windows PC and Mac OS X.

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