System Shock Remake Debuts First Gameplay Footage, Looks Awesome

The bitch is back... Night Dive Studios premiers gameplay from its upcoming System Shock remake.

Night Dive Studios has shown off the first gameplay footage of its upcoming remake of System Shock – and it looks bloody gorgeous.

The Looking Glass Studios classic sci-fi survival horror/ RPG is being rebuilt from the ground up in the Unity Engine for PC and Xbox One, and is currently slated for a 2017 release. You can still play the original – a remastered version is available for purchase on – but, to be honest, it hasn’t aged well thanks to a hoorendously clunky interface. The remake seems to have addressed that problem, as well as sporting an atmosphere that should have fans of Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation crossing their legs in anticipation of another pant-wetting.

As well as the remake of the original System Shock, Night Dive also recently announced that they’ve acquired the rights to create System Shock 3. They even managed to coax Games Industry legend Warren Spector out of retirement to work on it.

Fun times.

You can check out the footage from the remake of System Shock below.

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