Let’s Play… System Shock 2 (Part 5)

What do you get when you cross Kyle, speed boosters, and tons of robotic scum trying to kill him? You get ACTION! In this episode of our Let’s Play series featuring the legendary System Shock 2, we find Kyle cranking up up the action dial. We’ve got exciting chases, wrench-to-face interactions, turrets, explosions, and tragic deaths! Way better than any Summer blockbuster. Watch and be entertained!

Want more? Of course you do. Episode 1 here, Episode 2 here, Episode 3 here, and Episode 4 here. Check them all for more explosive robot monster carnage!

Kyle Barrows

Kyle Barrows

Video Editor
We're pretty sure Kyle just sort of appeared from behind a demonic cloud, but we are happy to allow Kyle to make videos for Continue Play lest his evil plans be unleashed upon the world.
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