WWII-era strategy game Spymaster breaks into iTunes Top Ten


Score one for the little guys.

PlayRaven’s WWII-era iPad strategy game Spymaster has proven that deep experiences can succeed on a mobile platform. At the time of writing, the game is in the Top Ten for Strategy games in 76 countries on iTunes, and in the Top Two in the US and UK.

Spymaster turns you into a high-level official at an intelligence agency, training spies and infiltrating the Axis ranks to provide crucial information for the Allies, while choosing whether to protect your own assets or let me perish for the sake of the war. It’s definitely not your average mobile game, and many didn’t believe the game would gain any traction. But PlayRaven has had the last laugh.

In a post on the team’s blog, CEO Lasse Seppänen said, “I don’t have the fingers nor toes to count the times we heard this will be a niche game for a tiny audience. To reach the charts we really should go for bright colors, cartoony characters and under 3-minute play sessions, right? Well, we refused to believe that the future of mobile games is like that.”

And hopefully this isn’t just a fluke, because mobile devices are definitely lacking for serious and deep experiences.

Sam Mercaldo

Sam Mercaldo

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