Xbox One Pads To Get Remappable Controls

The new Xbox One Elite controller features fully replaceable buttons, a redesigned dpad and no fewer than three kinds of interchangeable analogue sticks. It also retails for an eye-watering $149.99/ £129.99

Microsoft will be adding the option to remap controls for every Xbox One pad in the near future, Microsoft has confirmed.

Currently, remapping controls is limited to Microsoft’s snazzy (and expensive) Xbox One Elite controller, which retails at a wallet-hurting $149.99/ £129.99. But speaking on Twitter last night, Xbox exec Mike Ybarra confirmed that the company intends to bring the feature to all Xbox One pads via a firmware update. PS4 owners already have the option on Sony’s console.

“Why is the controller configuration only for elite? Such a good feature PS has it as standard we do we have to pay out?” [sic] asked @StavEllis on Twitter.

“It’s coming for all controllers soon,” came Ybarra’s response.


It’s not the only new feature on the cards for Xbox One. While Microsoft is currently focussing on the New Xbox One Experience, a wholesale reimagining of trhe Xbox One GUI currently available to members of the Xbox One Preview Programme, more features are on the cards.

Last week, Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed that custom background music is in the pipeline – but that it’s currently lower down on the list of priorities. “This one is just a prioritisation thing with other work. We like the feature. It’s in the list of things we want to do, just behind other work we are doing right now,” Spencer said via Twitter at the time.

The New Xbox One Experience is currently expected to be released as an update for all Xbox One owners sometime in November. Initial impressions are positive – the redesigned interface is faster, easier to navigate, and places more relevant information up front, rather than burying it underneath endless menus. Bad news for achievement chasers though – the Xbox One’s reliance on a separate app for checking achievements remains.

Hopefully Microsoft improves the process in the future – on Xbox 360, checking your achievements was a simple case of hitting the guide button and selecting Achievements from the resulting pop-up menu. If Microsoft can bring back something equivalent for Xbox One, it would make life a lot easier when it comes to browsing your achievements in-game.

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