Titanfall Passes 10 Million Sales Landmark

Xbox exclusivity and online-only doesn't appear to have harmed sales of Respawn's debut.

Titanfall has now sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella confirmed the news over Twitter, posting a photo of Respawn employees celebrating and thanking all the fans of the game.

Titanfall was released back in March 2014, to widespread critical acclaim. An always-online first person shooter, Titanfall blends fast-paced player versus player combat with AI-controlled bots thrown into the mix, parkour, and giant stompy robots – the titular Titans. Despite requiring an internet connection to play and lacking a single-player campaign – which upset many fans ahead of release – Titanfall became something of a sensation upon its release.

The figure is made more impressive by the fact that Titanfall is only available on Xbox consoles and Windows PC, after Microsoft stepped in to secure exclusivity on the game.

Unfortunately, these days it does seem as though fewer people are still playing, possibly having been lured away from Titanfall following the release of Bungie’s Destiny. Respawn is currently working on a sequel to Titanfall. There’s been little information about what form the sequel will take, or whether it will remain an Xbox console exclusive (Respawn has hinted that perhaps it won’t be); but with 10 million sales now under their belt, it surely won’t be too long before we learn more about Respawn’s plans for the franchise.

I rather enjoyed Titanfall when I reviewed it, awarding Respawn’s game a score of 8/10 thanks to its combination of great map design, tight mechanics and satisfying gunplay.

Titanfall is amazingly good fun. It certainly isn’t perfect, but as the first release from a new studio – albeit one made up of seasoned genre veterans – it’s a bloody good effort,” I wrote in my Titanfall review last year. “It’s addictive, incredibly attractive, and displays a good awareness of tight mechanics and gameplay balance.

“It’s a shame that it doesn’t contain a dedicated single-player mode, as such a campaign would have been a better way to show off the narrative that Respawn clearly were at pains to convey; but from a gameplay point of view, it’s a compelling experience that will keep you coming back for more.”

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