Cities: Skylines After Dark Expansion Announced

Cities Skylines: After Dark expansion logo

Paradox has announced the first major expansion for its excellent build-em-up, Cities: Skylines.

The After Dark expansion will add a new day and night cycle to the game. You’ll be able to build a host of new leisure buildings such as nightclubs, restaurants and bowling alleys to keep your citizens happy after the sun goes down, and a new taxi service, bus lanes and dedicated bike lanes will ensure that they have plenty of options to get where they want to go.

New city services will transport criminals from police stations to prisons, and cargo hubs and international airports will let you expand your industry and toursim. There’ll be some new commercial buildings for shorelines too, such as fishing tours and beach bars.

There’ll be a load of new Chirps as well, to keep you entertained.

A new announcement trailer gives a good idea what to expect. You can check it out below.

Jay Adams reviewed Cities Skylines for Continue Play, awarding it 9/10 and calling the game “an almost perfect city builder”. You can check out his review here.

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