Cities Skylines: After Dark Release Date Announced

Colossal Order's excellent city builder gets its first expansion in September.

Cities Skylines: After Dark will release September 24th, publisher Paradox Interactive has announced.

After Dark is the first expansion for Colossal Order’s hugely popular city building game, and adds a host of new features. Alongside new coastal buildings, you’ll also be able to set up taxi firms and build a number of new tourism destinations, as well as nightlife buildings such as nightclubs. As the title implies, the expansion’s focus is on nightlife, which is made available thanks to the new night and day cycle introduced in After Dark. More information can be found from when we covered After Dark’s announcement earlier this month.

Cities Skylines: After Dark will cost $14.99 at launch. A UK price hasn’t been given, but the dollar price works out at around £10.

Jay Adams reviewed City Skylines, and absolutely loved it – calling Colossal Order’s city builder “almost perfect” and awarding it with a sumptuous score of 9/10.

“Overall, I have very few bad things to say about Cities: Skylines, ” Jay wrote in his Cities Skylines review. “It is an almost perfect city builder, managing to revive and re-energize a genre which has been going downhill in recent years, trading on past glories and nostalgia without adding anything meaningful. But not only is Cities: Skylines an almost perfect city builder, it’s an almost perfect game in its own right.”

You can check out the announcement trailer for After Dark below.

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