Cities: Skylines builds up 250,000 sales in a day

Cities: Skylines in wide view

Following the critically received Sim City in 2013, it seems Cities: Skylines is setting a vastly different scene than EA’s city-builder. Skylines has managed to build up a very successful 250,000 sales in a 24-hour period, and new record high for publisher Paradox Interactive.

Developer Colossal Order are likewise thrilled, with CEO Mariina Hallikainen saying, “We … are absolutely thrilled to see so many players enjoying Cities: Skylines and that the Steam Workshop is filling up with amazing content from the modders.”

And he’s not exagerrating – Cities: Skylines currently has well over 5,000 items on Steam Workshop – not bad for a game that’s not even been on sale for a week. Maps, new buildings and roadways are all present and correct, and there’s already some impressive creations on offer, such as a recreation of Maastricht City Hall. Someone in the UK has even recreated Stansted Fire Station. Someone must really like Stansted.

With an apparently good fan adoption rate in addition to the record setting number of sales, it seems that Skylines is in a good position for being a spectacular city-building sim to help relieve genre fans who’ve been let down by SimCity in the recent past. We’re thoroughly enjoying the game, too – look out for our upcoming review.

Players interested can check out Cities: Skylines for $29.99, and look forward to our coming review.

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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