Crusader Kings Dev Reaches For The Stars With Stellaris

Stellaris announcement screenshot

Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis developer Paradox Development Studios has announced Stellaris, a new sci-fi Grand Strategy title for PC.

Stellaris will feature procedurally-generated universes, a dynamic decision system and a heavy emphasis on exploration, research and diplomacy, Paradox says. The game is the brainchild of Crusader Kings 2 lead designer, Henrik Fåhraeus, and will be the first strategy game by Paradox not feature a historical setting.

“For millennia our race has developed, explored and battled for control of a planet. Now we turn our eyes beyond our own solar system, to other stars in our galaxy. New planets, new discoveries, maybe even new civilizations await us. And Paradox Development Studio, the masters of grand strategy, will be your guides on this new voyage,” reads the press release.

“With a dynamic decision system and a heavy emphasis on exploration and science teams, Stellaris gives you much more to research than bigger lasers or stronger hulls – though you’ll need those too. Space is very big, and your first step will be getting a grasp of just what is around you and how it can be best used for the benefit of your civilization.

“Thousands of planets populate procedurally generated star systems giving you the largest possible theatre for performing the emergent stories that Paradox has become famous for. Customize your ships, encounter unique randomly generated races, and participate in advanced diplomacy that would make Picard look like an amateur.”

It’ll definitely be nice to see a space-based 4X game with a real focus on diplomacy. While diplomacy is always an option in the likes of Galactic Civilizations 3 and Sword of the Stars, the systems haven’t always been very robust, with games inevitably descending into all-out war. If Paradox can change that, then Stellaris could end up being something very special indeed.

There’s an announcement trailer for you to watch below. It certainly looks rather pretty; previous Paradox games haven’t exactly been cutting edge in the graphics department, but it looks like the developer is attempting to rectify that.

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