Paradox Interactive Talks Its History In Documentary Short

paradox interactive

Seven minutes is all you need to understand the storied history of Paradox Interactive, the studio behind such historical strategy hits as Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis, which are probably some of the most elaborate and time-consuming games on the market; perfect for those with a long stretch of free time on the horizon.

Today, the team behind these elaborate historical simulations go into the history of Paradox Interactive, as well as the history of their involvement; you’ll hear from varied members of the team such as Studio Manager Johan Andersson, Europa Universalis IV Project Lead Thomas Johansson and Executive Producer Linda Kiby.

Detailing the company from its smaller beginnings to its latest developments, the seven minute short documentary will give many a succinct but elaborate history of a great studio that many may not have previously heard about.

Check out the video below to experience the history of the makers of historical strategy, Paradox Interactive

Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz

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