Former Criterion Bosses Working On Burnout Successor

Burnout 3: Takedown is still regarded by many as the best game in the series. Could it be the foundation for Three Fields' next game?

Three Fiends entertainment, a new studio formed by Criterion co-founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, has hinted that it’s working on a spiritual sequel to Burnout.

On Twitter last night, the studio said that it currently has two projects in the pipeline. The first is a multiplayer sports game, due sometime in early 2016. After that, the developer intends to commence work on a driving game:

Shiny Red Car was the codename given to the first Burnout game, in case you were wondering what that hashtag meant.

A bit later on, the studio asked which Burnout game they should turn for inspiration – the second, third or fourth. This seemed to suggest that an open-world racer, similar to Burnout Paradise, isn’t being considered, and that they’re looking to return to a more traditional structure. Later, in a statement to industry site Develop, Alex Ward confirmed that Three Fields is looking at PC, PS4 and Xbox One as the target platforms, and that the team is also looking into having full VR support for the title, though nothing is confirmed as yet.

Ward and Sperry formed Three Fields Entertainment in March last year, just two months after departing Criterion. EA doesn’t seem to be too interested in publishing another Burnout game any time soon; since Burnout Paradise in 2008, Criterion has moved on to EA’s other major racing franchise, Need for Speed.

Last week, a statement from Criterion said that it was “unlikely” the studio would be returning to Burnout any time soon – either for a new title, or a remaster compilation of previous games in the series. When asked by a fan on Twitter about the possibility of a HD Burnout collection, Criterion responded with laughter:

However, the developer did reveal that it’s currently working on getting Burnout Paradise working on Xbox One, via backwards compatibility. So that’s something at least.

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