Codies League Championship Revs Its Engines With Fan-Made Video

In anticipation of the Codies League Championship, detailed by Codemasters in this blog post, F1 2013 super-fan Josh Martin (@j0shter) created this great fan-made trailer in celebration via his public YouTube Channel.

The Codies League Championship will focus on F1 2013 and will consist of five multiplayer races that will be broadcasted every Wednesday at 8pm GMT until the end of the competition.

Besides for making this great fan-video, Josh Martin (best known by his moniker j0shter) is also a professional F1 2013 gamer. He currently ranks #375 out of 15,000 total players in professional races, making him among the top 0.8% of the world. He is also sponsored by gaming headset manufacturer Thrustmaster

Martin will be sporting the Continue Play logo on his helmet during play in The Codies League Championship, and we wish him much success in the competitive F1 2013 world. He plans to make it to the top 100 by Summer, and with this kind of dedication, it seems as though this will likely be the case.

You can follow regular updates on the Codies League Championship via Codemasters official website, and be sure to check here at Continue Play for continued coverage of j0shter’s progress.

Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz

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