Guild Wars 2 to receive major updates to PvP.

Scheduled for release on December 2, ArenaNet will be launching an update to the PVP mode for Guild Wars 2, to coincide with the MMO’s first World Tournament Series Championship in Bejing.

The updates are tailored toward high-level competitive play, and include changes to matchmaking, player ranking systems, and map selections – giving players better opportunities to find level-appropriate challengers and improve their play skills.

To provide a little more detail, the overhaul to the matchmaking system will now use “Glicko2” ratings, a widely accepted player skill evaluation method, as well as factoring in player skill level and team party size. Also being introduced is a dishonor system, where behaviors like quitting matches half-way through will affect player ranking (hopefully a lot, as this kind of behavior is both frequent and annoying in any online PVP scenario).

With the new changes will also come a new ladder formula, where ArenaNet will conduct a test session sometime mid-December which may lead to organized league play down the road if they successfully implement the new ladder system. There will also be a “practice” mode for players to both individually hone their skills as well as participate in team practice sessions.

Associate Game Director at ArenaNet, John Corpening, noted on ArenaNet’s ongoing blog, “We are very excited to bring you all of these updates to PvP because they further enhance the experience and commitment to competitive gaming that makes Guild Wars 2 stand out among MMOs.”

On the heels of these updates will be the inaugural Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series Championship in Bejing, where top teams from North America, Europe, and China will compete for $50,000 in prizes. The event is being televised on local Chinese TV and will be livestreamed globally via Twitch. This will be the first cash-prize tournament for the Guild Wars franchise and it’s bound to be a big one.

“This year,” says Corpening, “we worked with our community to bring you the Tournament of Legends as a path to Legendary weapons, the Tournament of Glory to earn unique skins through skill based play in PvP, the ESL GO4 tournaments where players can earn weekly cash prizes and an even bigger monthly cash prizes, and the World Tournament Series, where the very best players of each region can become legends on the international stage.”

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