Adventure Comes To Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns concept art

Guild Wars 2 prides itself on its massive array of real-time, open-world events that are constantly cropping up around the player, ensuring that they always have something to do. The upcoming expansion pack Heart of Thorns promises an all-new event type: Adventures.

Adventures are geared towards providing players an element of single-player competition in a world usually setting its sights on massively multiplayer play – to this end leaderboards that set you against guild-mates in how fast you can complete these events will be erected. They’re designed to provide something extra to do for players who reach Guild Wars 2’s new level cap, which is being raised to 80 once Heart of Throrns launches.

Adventures will “challenge you to master a wide variety of skills in a race against the clock”, according to ArenaNet.

“We felt that these types of content lacked replay value, had limited ties to the game world and its story, and didn’t do enough to encourage social interaction,” designer Brian Miller said on the official website. Adventures are the answer to that perceived problem and will allow players more fun to be had in the sprawling, open-world around them whilst doing its part to encourage social interaction.

As well as raising the level cap and introducing Adventures to the game, Heart of Thorns will add a new landmass to the game, designed to introduce a new level of verticality to the game. In addition to the new Revenant profession, the developer is adding a new method of character progression with the Mastery System, as well as a renewed focus on PvP and Guild – areas in which some players have claimed Guild Wars 2 currently falls short.

Heart of Thorns doesn’t currently have a release date, though it’s widely expected to be released before the end of the year. ArenaNet showed off a playable version of the expansion at PAX East in March of this year, but stressed that there was still plenty of work to be completed.

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