Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment Gets A Revised Release Date

Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment screenshot

Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment will be available on August 4th, Bandai Namco has announced. That may be very soon, but it’s still a week later than anticipated – the game was originally planned to launch next week.

Hollow Fragment is an updated PS4 port of the original PS Vita game, coming equipped with a new English translation for Western fans. The remastered edition will also feature a fair amount of content not present in the original Vita release. An online mode has been added to the game; the original Vita release only supported Ad Hoc multiplayer. There are also new bosses, and players will now be able to create a female character.

Original developer Arquria has been responsible for the updated version, with series Producer Yosuke Futami overseeing development.

Players who already own the Vita version will be able to transfer certain items across platforms via their save data, while any DLC purchased will be unlocked at a later date.

Based on the popular Japanese Sword Art Online novels, the games take place in a different continuity. Hollow Fragment is actually the second game in the series, preceded by Infinity Fragment on the PSP. A third game, Lost Song, is currently in the works for a simultaneous release on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

In Hollow Fragment, you’re able to recuit over 100 different characters and take them with you on dungeon crawls. While the game is reminiscent of an MMO, Hollow Fragment is primarily a single-player game. It also has some dating sim gameplay elements, enabling you to strengthen your relationship with various characters.

Take a gander at the comparison trailer below, to get an idea of how Hollow fragment has been improved for the latest version.

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