New Guild Wars 2 update released

In celebration of Guild Wars 2 being released in China, developer ArenaNet has rolled out a new content update.

Titled The Festival of the Four Winds, the update brings back the Zephyrite Festival. Players will be able to experience a revamped version of the Four Winds Bazaar, whilst the Zephyrites will return to Lion’s Arch, which bears scars from the conflict with arch-villain Scarlet. Players can also participate in new minigames, in an effort to raise funds for the city’s restoration.

The update was released today for North American and European players. However, Chinese players (who only received Guild Wars 2 on the 15th of this month) will have to wait until later this week, with the Festival becoming the first of many content packs of the Chinese version of the game.

Check out the latest screenshots below.

Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

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