Codemasters offers refunds on Colin Mcrae Rally

Refunds for Colin McRae Rally are being offered by Codemasters to those who purchased the game on Steam.

Colin McRae Rally was heavily criticised following its release last week, with many players complaining that the game’s Steam description promised a different sort of game. Some said that they were expecting a straight HD remake of the original 1998 game; in reality, what they received was a PC port of last year’s mobile game with what Codemasters describes as “touched up” audio and visuals. After a week of controversy and bad reviews, Codemasters has decided to offer customers a refund and have updated the games Steam store page description.

The new description now makes it clear that what players will be purchasing is based on a mobile game; the previous description made no mention of this, instead simply referring to Colin McRae Rally “returning” to PC with content based on Colin McRae Rally 2.0, a description which confused and upset many commenters on the Steam forum who accused it of being misleading.

Community manager Lee Williams made the following post on the Steam Forum: “At Codemasters, we care about our customers and pride ourselves on listening to our community. Furthermore, as an act of good faith, we have worked with Valve to enable anyone that bought the game to claim a refund. The ability to refund will be available until the 19th August.

“To process a refund, please go to your account transactions page and you will see a ‘Refund’ button for Colin McRae Rally. We hope this goes some way to restoring any lost faith and thank you as always, for your continued support.”

Given how difficult refunds are to get on Steam, this decision by Codemasters has gone down well. It’s always appreciated when a developer realizes that they’ve done something wrong and tries to make up for it. Unfortunately, for those of us who wanted a remake of the classic Colin McRae Rally, it looks like we’ll have to keep on waiting.

Jay Adams

Jay Adams

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