New Gameplay Video For Age Of Wonders 3: Eternal Lords

Age of Empires 3: Eternal Lords Gets A New Gameplay Video

Triumph Studios has released a new gameplay trailer showing off gameplay from the new Age of Wonders 3 expansion, Eternal Lords.

Eternal Lords is the first major expansion for the popular strategy game and introduces the new Tigran and Frostling races, adds 3 new character specializations – the Keeper, Grey Guard and Shadow Born Leader, and the Necromancer class.

In terms of new game mechanics, Cosmic Happenings see dynamic events occuring as each match progresses. Falling Clouds fill the world with mist, lowering sight range and making machine and armored units vulnerable to shock damage. March of the Troll King, on the other hand, will see the map invaded by hordes of rampaging trolls.

The game will also now track relations on a per-race basis with the Race Governance system. If you invade and conquer an elven city, your elven citizens might get upset. On the other hand, if you invade the lands of a race they don’t like, your popularity with them will improve. As your relationship with each race increases you can unlock unique perks to give a boost to your armies or economy.

Tying in with Race Governance is a new victory condition. Upon reaching maximum Governance for a race, you’ll be able to build a Unity Beacon for that race. Manage to build a number of these for different races and you’ll become the Great Unifier, instantly winning the match.

Interestingly, a new update released alongside the expansion will allow players to play by email. Once you take your turn, the information is uploaded to Triumph’s servers and an email will then be sent to the next player telling them to take their turn.

Jay Adams reviewed Age of Wonders 3 for Continue Play last year. He rather liked it, awarding Triumph’s sequel a shiny 9/10.

“I went into my Age of Wonders 3 Review in an attempt to find a competitor to Civilization 5, and I was greeted with something truly brilliant that in nearly every aspect is – at least for me – the superior game,” Jay wrote in his Age of Wonders 3 Review. “The fantasy style when applied to the 4x genre and coupled with a Heroes of Might and Magic style battle system breeds something that will stay with you for a very long time.”

Age of Wonders 3: Eternal Lords is due to launch on Windows, Mac and Linux on April 14th. The expansion will set you back $19.99/ €19.99. There’s no UK price mentioned, though that’s around about £15, so expect something along those lines when it goes live on Steam and next week.

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