Final Fantasy 14 looks Heavensward as new major expansion announced.


Final Fantasy 14 is getting an expansion next Spring, publisher Square Enix has announced.

The Heavensward expansion introduces the northern city of Ishgard, and revolves around a war between Ishgard and its rival Dravania. The level cap will be raised to 60, and new jobs and professions are set to be added alongside the usuall assortment of dungeons and raid content. There will also a new race to play as, though details haven’t been revealed.

Perhaps the most exciting addition to the game will airships. For the first time in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll be able to work together with other members of your Company and build your own airship to make getting around the game’s world even easier.

The announcement was made at the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival in Las Vegas. More information about the expansion is due to be announced during the Fan Festival at London’s Tobacco Docks in December. You can see the teaser trailer for Heavensward expansion below.

In other Final Fantasy 14-related news, more details about patch 2.4 were revealed on Friday, though its release date is still unknown. Dreams of Ice adds new recipes to the game and a new player class. The Rogue is a master of knives and daggers, and often lead a vigilante lifestyle, roobing from the rich and giving to the poor. An offshoot of the Rogue class are Ninjas, who manipulate the energy of land and air as well as living things to create devastating attacks. Three dungeons have also been added to the game in the patch. Satasha takes place in underwater caverns, the Sunken Takes place in… well, a sunken temple, and Snowcloak is comprised of icy tunnels.

Last but not least, Dreams of ice adds the option of same-sex marriage to the game. Now, any player will be able to marry another, regardless of race or character gender – a move which has been celebrated by the game’s community.

To read more about Final Fantasy 14, why not check out Heather’s review? She evaluated the game back in May, scoring it a resounding 9/10. “it may not be anything too different from the MMOs that we’re used to, but it is extremely addictive, satisfying and enjoyable to play,” she said in her conclusion. “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is an extremely enjoyable experience that any Final Fantasy fan should consider trying out.”

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