Lords of the Fallen: Enter the Ancient Labyrinth DLC due out next week

German developers CI Games’ action RPG Lords of the Fallen is set to release its first piece of DLC, entitled Enter the Ancient Labyrinth in the coming week.

According to both Facebook and Twitter, the DLC will be available on Steam, Xbox One and PSN Europe on March 3rd, with the PlayStation 4 release in North America coming a day later on March 4th.

Announced last year, Enter the Ancient Labyrinth builds upon the story and characters from the original game, incorporating an entirely new storyline, set in an ancient library, which exists somewhere between the human and demonic realms. Players are able to explore the “uncharted wilds of the Labyrinth”, discover secrets and fight enemies which have never been encountered before, with entirely new sets of weapons, shields and armor, all in order to help destroy the evil that has helped to shatter civilization as you know it. Utilizing the same format of gameplay as in prior the base game, players can accordingly expect the same level of challenge and difficulty, but with more rewards for both repeated playthroughs and more in-depth exploration.

Brian reviewed Lords of the Fallen and gave it 6/10, finding it to be a decent foundation on which to build, but one which lacks the personality and variety of From Software’s series.

“Hardened Dark Souls fans may turn their heads up and sneer at the mere attempt made by Deck13 and CI Games to make an alternative to their game of choice,” he said in his Lords of the Fallen Review, “but Lords of the Fallen isn’t so much a clone as it is Dark Souls-lite, seeking to lower the barrier to entry for new players so that they can experience the genre.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the DLC helps to successfully build on the existing game – especially with a sequel potentially being released sooner rather than later.

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