Lords Of The Fallen Set For 2017 Launch

Lords Of The Fallen Set For 2017 Launch

Lord of the Fallen 2 won’t be released until 2017, and it looks as if German developer Deck 13 won’t be involved this time around.

Marek Tyminski, the boss over at CI Games, has also told Eurogamer that sales of the first installment in th action RPG franchise has surpassed 900,000.

“It’s doing fine,” he said of the original. “We are over 900,000 units. Not yet 1m but we are approaching that. And definitely it’s a good start for the new IP. Definitely we can say that Lords of the Fallen 1 proved the IP made sense.”

He also told gave some explanation as to why the team weren’t working with Deck 13 currently, but wouldn’t reveal the specifics as to why.

“To be honest it’s confidential,” he told Robert Purchese. “We have spoken about certain things we could probably do after the release of Lords of the Fallen but at the end of the day we came to the conclusion, both sides, that it won’t happen, and as far as I know they have another project, and I wish them luck. We have very clear thinking on how we want to make Lords of the Fallen 2 and we have a very good idea.”

Tyminski also went on to discuss the studio’s plan for the sequel and how they’re looking to improve the game.

“We’re taking all of the lessons from Lords of the Fallen 1 to make, first of all, a much better game, and second, to make it more efficient from the production perspective,” he said. “We plan to release the game in 2017. We learnt not to say about the release date too early, so we will only be announcing the release date of each particular game when we will be close enough and we will be sure the game will be on time.”

Tomasz Gop, executive producer of the original Lords of the Fallen announced back in December that work had begun on the sequel over Facebook, but revealed little else other than that the studio were working on concepts for the sequel.

Brian reviewed Lords of the Fallen and gave it 6/10, stating that: “Hardened Dark Souls fans may turn their heads up and sneer at the mere attempt made by Deck13 and CI Games to make an alternative to their game of choice, but Lords of the Fallen isn’t so much a clone as it is Dark Souls-lite, seeking to lower the barrier to entry for new players so that they can experience the genre.”

He went on to say that he hopes that “if the game gets a sequel, CI Games will be able to give the series more of its own personality, instead of ruthlessly cribbing from others.” Only time will tell as to how that plans out.

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