Half-Life 3 Confirmed?

Speculation has been around for years regarding the release of Half-Life 3, one of the most anticipated games from Valve, creator of many beloved franchises, including Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress.

In fact, the apprehension has been so prominent on the internet many believed that the day would never come, with the news developing into an meme which implied that the game was confirmed when anything featuring three subjects was involved.

Well, it seems the speculation may be over. Or is it?

A website claiming to be the official Valve website, featuring a supposed image of the game and the name at the bottom appears to have fooled quite a few people across the internet, including – I am ashamed to say – myself.

Interestingly enough, the people behind it appear to have managed to trick Google’s algorithm into featuring the website first in the list of results, causing many to think that the website was official. It’s all very professional. Each hyperlink takes you to the official pages, and clicking the image takes you to the Steam Store, which is in the midst of its summer sale. Some people do have way too much time on their hands.

For future reference for all out there, the official Valve website can be found here, which features all of the information you need regarding current and upcoming games.


UPDATE: The website has now been scrapped, and visiting that URL will now take viewers to the offical Valve website; however, if you look carefully – or of your internet connection is slow enough – you might notice a little message of hope appear as the page is loading.

Jodie Rodgers

Jodie Rodgers

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