Age of Wonders 3: Eternal Lords expansion announced

Age of Wonders 3 expansion announced

Triumph Studios has announced that Age of Wonders III is getting its second expansion, Eternal Lords, in addition to new compatibility for Mac and Linux platforms.

The latest expansion, Eternal Lords will bring the Necromancer to the game as a new playable class as well as two new races: Trigran and Frostlings. The popular RTS/RPG hybrid, which is already huge, is about to get even bigger.

Triumph has also announced new mechanics, including Cosmic Happenings that affect the nature of the battlefield out of the player’s control (sadly, the Great Cthulhu doesn’t seem to be involved), new tracking for alliances and trades on a race-by-race basis, new maps, a new campaign, and a new victory condition.

Sitting at a release price of $19.99, including new maps, mechanics, player characters, and races, there’s plenty of meat to this expansion pack for a very reasonable price – other developers/ publishers should take note. In a day of incremental DLC downloads and micro-transactions, it’s interesting to see an expansion pack as they once were coming back into the foreground. Seems like a decent enough deal for players, so well worth the asking cost.

All of this will be out for the game’s release on April 14th, 2015. More information can be found on Age of Wonders III website, or from the trailer and screenshots below.

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