Two GTA V Mods Add Crime Out Of Game

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Following an announcement from Rockstar saying players should be okay to use mods in Grand Theft Auto V, that may not be entirely true. Users on the GTA Forums have found two mods include a type of keylogging software, in addition to modules that break into Twitch, Steam,, and Youtube with the intent to run a botnet, highjack sessions, and also dig through users’ Steam inventories.

Anyone who has installed NoClip or Angry Airplanes mods on GTA V should check that forum post, and also run through the virus removal steps listed, even if they’re not certain they’ve been affected.

Opinion: Although including less than friendly software into third-party software like keygens, trainers, and the like has never really been abnormal, having it in such innocuous things as mods is a new approach to building up botnets and phishing practices like these. While these practices aren’t exactly common either, it might be worth expressing a bit of caution with future mods and other software like them, because successes like these are likely ony going to increase their frequency.

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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