GTA Vice City Being Remade In GTA V Engine

Prepare yourself for possibly the coolest mod ever… are you prepared? Good. Vice City is being remade in the GTA V engine.

That’s right, the classic 80s setting to the Scarface inspired GTA Vice City is being updated by modders using the GTA V engine.

Sadly it’s still a work in progress, and some of the Vice City textures look a little sub-par. But things seem to be coming along nicely.

Rockstar released its own updated version of Vice City on mobile devices back in 2012 to mark the 10 year anniversary. However, fiddly touch screen mechanics held it back a little.

Thankfully we’ll now have the opportunity to re-explore an updated Vice City in comfort, using a mouse and keyboard or controller, and listening to Madhouse by Anthrax (or was that just me?). Take a gander at how it’s looking below, courtesy of YouTube user taltigolt.

Chris Corbett

Chris Corbett

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