Learn Math With Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master

Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master Release

Do you have a child who refuses to learn math? Or, like me, are you so incredibly bad at math that it would be embarrassing to ask for help? Well, good news!

Halfbrick and Krome Studios have released Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master. Available on the App Store, Google play, and Amazon Appstore for $4.99, the new fruit-slashing app aims to teach 1st grade-level math to children aged 5 to 7 years.

The game is a “Halfbrick Child-Safe” app, which means that there are no advertisements within the app and there is no usage or analytics tracking. You don’t need a Facebook or Google Play account to use the app, and there are no promotions – so you can leave your kid alone with it without worrying about a scantily-clad elf woman asking him to come play the next hit MMO.

The game will track your child’s progress, and reward them for doing well. Memorizing multiplication tables and the processes of addition and subtraction will unlock new content. Their progress is also saved, so you can check in to make sure that they’re making good headway and give them a hand with areas where they’re struggling.

“Striking the perfect balance between fun and education was incredibly important,” said Shainiel Deo, chief executive at Halfbrick in a statement. “With this release, it’s our belief that even the most reluctant students will feel engaged and supported from beginning to end.”

That balance is struck by challenging kids to complete mini-games using their math skills. Feeding bananas to a giant monkey statue, bowling with watermelons and, of course, slicing the hell out of fruit is all accomplished by completing math problems. The $4.99 price may seem a bit steep compared to other mobile games, but since Halfbrick isn’t making any ad revenue off of the program to protect your child’s eyes, it seems reasonable. Speaking as a 20-something male that’s spent the last 15 years counting on my fingers, this might be the game that makes me start re-learning all those school lessons I’ve forgotten over the years.

Wayne Meeks

Wayne Meeks

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