Pokemon Art Academy coming on the 4th of July

Pokemon Art Academy will launch on the 4th of July which means young and old artists alike who have an interest in drawing their favorite Pokemon can finally learn to do so – provided you have either a Nintendo 3ds or 2ds.

The Art Academy series was originally released in 2009 and gave DS owners a comprehensive method of making use of the stylus to create different variations of art whether it be painting or sketching. With stylus in hand, users where able to learn real-life techniques thanks to the touch screen and were offered a plethora of useful ‘virtual tools’ to make use of while creating art. The lessons Art Academy offer break down complex pieces of art into easy steps that players can learn with the help of the virtual ‘tutor’.

The Pokemon themed addition to the Art Academy series includes 40 lessons that artists, illustrators and Pokemon fans alike can make use of while learning how to draw, paint and sketch different Pokemon ranging from the older Pokemon like the Pikachu all the way to newer additions in later games (Oshawott, Fenekin, etc). As players get more comfortable with their creations they can try out the ‘Free Paint’ mode where they can try create their own variations of Pokemon and save them into a personal gallery that can be shared with others.


Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

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