The Witcher 3 To Get 30FPS Cap On Xbox One

The Witcher 3 to receive 30FPS cap in new Xbox One patch

According to CD Projekt Red, the next Xbox One patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will address the game’s frame-rate. The patch will implement a 30fps cap, though it is not yet known whether or not applying the cap will be optional.

The announcement came via twitter, where the community coordinator for The Witcher 3, Marcin Momot, explained that the lock should appear in patch 1.03,

Also set to be included in the patch is the option for larger font text, something many players asked for after having trouble reading the small font used by the game’s HUD.

The Witcher 3 launched last week and quickly earned itself the title of the biggest UK opening sales of any game so far this year, an impressive feat; but it hasn’t all been good news for the developer. Some fans have expressed disappointment around the various graphics changes that CD Projekt Red has made during the game’s development, with many labelling the final version of the game as a downgrade to what was shown during E3 in 2013. Make no mistake, however: The Witcher 3 still looks fantastic

Dale is currently still working through The Witcher 3 ahead of our final review, but took the time to give some of his early impressions last week – and was thoroughly impressed by Geralt’s final outing.

“Rarely has an RPG felt so detailed, nor its world so alive and believable,” Dale wrote in his pre-review article. “Many had their doubts about whether the developer was up to the job of taking the complex branching narrative and moral choice of the first two games and making it work on such a grand scale, but CD Projekt RED has delivered what is not just one of the most satisfying and rich RPGs of the last few years, but what is possibly one of the best games ever made, in any genre.”

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